Anxiety Can’t Just Be Ignored

Anxious Thinking









I’ve now approached exactly 28 months since nerve pain took over my body. Yet, even after surgery, a spinal cord stimulator, countless shots, daily therapy and a continued increase in medications I feel back to square one. Today, I’ve experienced another crash, burn and cry session. I’ve now had to take Valium on top of my other meds the past six days straight. I know that something has to change very soon.

By the grace of God I don’t take even one daily narcotic. But, my nerve pain meds have pretty much increased every few months. It’s unreal how quickly my nerves are still triggered and my body wrecked daily. While this might not be one’s normal cause of anxiety I can’t deny the anxiety it keeps creating. And that’s with me having a strong faith and peace with God.

Thank God I go to my doctor tomorrow. I’m having to admit to myself that once again my anxiety meds must be increased soon otherwise I will end up in a crazy house. If you battle daily with uncontrollable anxiety that overtakes you I totally understand. You can’t just tell yourself to calm down and always pray it away. If you need the medication you need the medication! Yet, you should never stop praying!

I’m just a firm believer that medications don’t solve everything. However, God has given man wisdom on how to deal with some of the symptoms. So, recognize where you are and take your health concerns very seriously. Do what you need to do to get better, but still rely fully on God for your actual healing and lasting peace.

“Cast all your anxiety upon Him because He cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7

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