Tormented In The Night

Written: January 19th, 2018

All night Satan has tormented me in my sleep. I’ve woken up basically every hour with my heart pounding. Each time I’ve had to sit up in the bed and just keep taking deep breaths. I’m pretty sure I’ve freaked my wife a few times as I wasn’t sure myself what to do at first fighting to just breathe and being half asleep.

No doubt in my mind that I had too many nighttime meds in my system. And I will adjust now that I’ve got some added help for my nerve pain throughout the day. But, we all know if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Thank God I’ve learned that if you just keep praying persistently believing in Jesus name that old devil doesn’t stand a chance. And eventually he has to leave the scene because he is no match for the Mighty name of Jesus! So as a believer don’t ever think you are helpless because Jesus will always be there with and for you. Just call on His Name and cast all your cares on the Lord. Because many things can only come out through prayer!

“Jesus replied, This kind can only come out by prayer.” Mark 9:29

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