Doctor Update 2/9/18

One, my surgeon says he does recommend getting my Stimulator battery replaced with one that is totally MRI friendly. So, an order has been written and we’ll have to wait on insurance approval for this surgical replacement. Unfortunately, the new battery is bigger than my present one so it will be more invasive than I hoped to replace it.

Two, my doctor has increased  my daily Neurontin (Nerve Pain Med) from 2800mg daily to 3600mg daily. I will now be taking the maximum dose he ever prescribes. But, there is no doubt my nerve pain is totally out of control. Sadly, this will lead me to having an even foggier mind until I get used to the new dosage.

Finally, he was very pleased to hear that I’m now taking the following supplements daily. Turmeric, Calcium, Magnesium High Absorption, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium, Vitamin B100 complex, Potassium, Super Veggie Greens, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. And he suggested I add B12 to this list.

Overall, the visit accomplished everything I could hope at this point. Was called in really early because my doctor had an emergency surgery. So, I’m gonna try and rest this weary body.

Earlier my pain specialist office called with some good news. An opening has become available for me to get my first Rhizotomy Trial this Monday February 12th instead of February 19th as originally planned. On both trial times they will put certain target nerves temporarily to sleep to see if  that gives me 50 percent or more relief in a 6-8 hour period. I’m thankful for every door God opened today!

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