My Sickest Blessed Day

Yesterday was one of the sickest blessed days of my life. It was a Sunday and only five days after my recent surgery. The big incision in my lower back was still throbbing. I had literally been up the entire morning due to much pain and nausea. But, I knew God was telling me to go and preach. Therefore, whether I stood or sat I planned to preach. I knew deep down the message God gave me could speak for itself.

I arrived later than I ever had before. Still nauseous and with an incision beyond flared up from my first time driving. By the grace of God, I got through the first service without crying too much or collapsing. I could tell without a doubt God had everyone’s attention including mine.

I fought really hard to make it to the church office in between the two morning worship services to catch my breath. I just did make it before literally collapsing to the floor. No, I didn’t fall, but I knew I wouldn’t be getting back up by myself. Literally my entire back was overtaken by muscle spasms. My neuropathy was shutting me down and all I could do was lay there crying uncontrollably. Praise God for two dear friends who pressed on my spasm points and held ice on my back for the next 30 minutes. They literally were the hands and comfort of Jesus. Later, they helped me back to my feet just in time for the next service.

Honestly, I felt better not just because of the ice but from crying out some of the pain. I knew once again that I had to totally free fall into the arms of Jesus. I felt like all I did was get up and then God showed up. I could feel God carrying me. I could see God at work all throughout the congregation. I felt God’s power more ever in 25 years of ministry.

While full of pain and weakness it was one of my best birthdays ever. It was a day I will always remember that God carried me when clearly I couldn’t carry on. It was one of my sickest most blessed days ever. For God reminded me that He is faithful and will always bless our faithfulness.

“To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity.” Psalm 18:25

Here was the message that “God Preached” that morning. I just showed up! It’s called “More Than Words.”

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