Do I Have An Identity Crisis?


I’ve been reading the last few weeks a book that has really spoken to my heart. It’s called “When Your World Falls Apart” by Dr. David Jeremiah. I’ve realized that I really didn’t even know what I was made of until my world as I knew it literally flipped upside down 30 months ago. I thought I had been through tougher seasons before, but I was wrong. I definitely thought my world would already be back back in normal order by now.

Nope, here I am still only a third of the person I used to be. I’m no longer able to work my former hospice chaplain position. I’m no longer able to pastor like I used to do. I’m no longer able to be there for others the way I used to do. Quite honestly it’s all I can do to preach once a week. I’ve missed a couple months of even doing that due to all my surgeries the past 2 years.

By the grace of God I’m still standing. What I’ve realized over time is just how important it is that we don’t get our identity confused with any position, season or perception. Your identity has be built around who you are in Christ. Because any other identity is subject to change. Your job, relationships, and even your personal abilities. Trust me, if underneath you have an identity crisis it will reveal itself with time. So make sure you base your identity on the only one who will never change Jesus Christ.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8

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