Way Beyond Me

Off My Chest

I believe God calls us all to do things that apart from Him are doomed to fail. It just becomes more obvious when our limitations keep staring us in the face. For instance, I can hardly do anything now without sucking air, feeling like I’m falling apart, and just minutes in knowing I have to take a timeout. I constantly feel like the man in the wheelchair watching everyone else do the work.

I had no idea when God gave me such a big vision to start a church that my entire health would fail. However, I’m starting to see that none of it has taken God but surprise. In fact, it appears to be a huge part of God’s plans. It’s no wonder that in the midst of my greatest limitations God is doing things beyond my imagination. I always knew God would do things in a way that only He could get the glory.

All I have to offer right now is a clear vision and mission to my church. Piece by piece God is putting together an unstoppable body of believers. In fact, we have more leaders at our church now than many have people in their entire church. God is raising up an army despite this wounded warrior. I now know why God put it heavy on my heart 5 weeks ago that “I must decrease and He must increase.”

I’m so glad God got me out of His way. Otherwise I would have never seen the exciting season Refuge Church is experiencing. As a result so many more souls will be reached and cared for personally. When my legs left me God provided servants to carry things forward. When my arms failed God put into place others who can be His hands and feet. When my body fell apart God was then able to assemble the true body of Christ. I’m doing what I can daily, but I’m realizing I can totally trust God with the rest.

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”
1 Corinthians 12:27

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