What Went Wrong Last Night

Anxious Thinking

So I discovered why I couldn’t sleep last night. When I went to take my morning meds I realized I had never taken my nighttime nerve pain meds. That never happens with all the alarms I set. So, it had been over 17 hours since I had taken my nerve meds and I’m used to taking them every 8 hours. And while I had taken 2 muscle relaxers last night my body simply can’t function without my medicine.

I’ve had to drink so much caffeine this morning in order to preach 3 back to back services. I only slept 1 1/2 hours last night so it was by the grace of God I made it through. I’m hurting so bad just from standing up. Little sleep and caffeine only intensifies my flared up nerve pain. So I’m back tub.

But, I’m glad God has given me something I can do to make a difference. I’m convinced that just being able to preach every Sunday has kept me from living in darkness. We all need things that keep our mind off the pain. While I’m totally exhausted I’m also grateful for every life touched. I’m simply honored that God woke me up another day to live for His glory! #JustBrokenNotHopless

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