Update 4/3/18 Re-evaluation


While I feel really tired today has been productive. I slept exactly 7 hours putting my past weekly sleep average at 5 hours per night. I did have to add a few melatonin last night to my normal meds to get that much sleep. But, my body desperately needs more healing rest.

In many respects this was a day of new beginnings. I sat down with a very nice and bright doctor concerning my health situation. We discussed many ways to hopefully reduce the inflammation in my body. From what I eat, supplements I take to how critical my daily walking is to my overall recovery. Changing up what I eat is really the greatest challenge in my eyes, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes. Not even trying to change everything, but making sure I’m still doing my part.

Earlier, I took a necessary walk even though I felt like crashing in my bed. The return of personal discipline is always a good sign. I’ve been sitting in an epsom salt bath for the first time in over 2 years the past few hours. I’m back to trying to keep a balance of movement and rest. My greatest goal right now is to simply regain my recovery momentum. Most of the time I’m really dragging, but I’m trusting God to change that one intentional step at a time

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