Doctor Visit Update 4/16/18


Today’s visit with my surgeon was interesting to say the least. You see, last week’s failed attempt at an MRI was followed by MUSC saying “we got such few images that we’re not even going to make any disc or charge Workman’s Compensation.” However, suddenly after my stunned stimulator rep checked in with my doctor I was asked if I would pick up what images they did capture from their records department. So, Aimee and I went that day and got a disc made.

Today, that was looked at and my doctor said, “I don’t know what the fuss was all about saying they couldn’t do a full MRI. They got a few decent images.” I just knew they were doing their best to protect a stimulator company that knows their lies of full MRI compatibility had been exposed. With my case manager present I just kept asking questions. Like how can you have clear resolution when using a SAR level 1/4 of a normal MRI?

He said, “Well while it doesn’t show anything about the nerves it shows clear bone structure. And, it shows that everything is still in order with your surgical area and stimulator battery and wires.” I said, But it’s my nerve damage that I’m most concerned about. I need as clear of picture as possible of my nerve issues.

I thought for a moment I might be sent to get another my 5th attempted MRI at a location they believed had the best machine out there. Instead, I believe my doctor made the right call. He said, “I’m going to send you to get a Myelogram as it will give us the best images possible concerning your nerves. There is nothing that can show the inside of them, but this will trace any issues clearer in the outside.”

The approval and scheduling of this will take at least 1-2 weeks. But, I have a strong peace that this is the best thing for me at this time. Also, I will need to decide over the next few weeks whether I’m going to get this new Big battery switched out for my old small one. Because my body simply can’t bear the thought of more surgery at this time I will have to give that much further thought. Until then I will wait on my Myelogram to be scheduled.

“Myelography uses a real-time form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and an injection of contrast material to evaluate the spinal cord, nerve roots and spinal lining (meninges). It is particularly useful for assessing the spine following surgery and for assessing disc abnormalities in patients who cannot undergo MRI.”

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