Just Another Run Around Visit

Here Is My Heart Lord

I had another visit with my pain specialist today. First words out of his mouth were “What are you here to see me about?” I said, “Well, I was hoping you knew the reason for this scheduled visit.” He replied, “I guess it’s just another one of those visits scheduled by workman’s compensation.” I then jumped into discussing as calmly as I could my present frustrations and pain.

I said, “I assume you know all that I’ve continued to go through with my stimulator. That after four attempts I’ve found not one place that can do an MRI on me based on my unit not being MRI compatible.” He said, “I told you I don’t even know why anyone would request an MRI for you. You can just get CT Scans.” I said, “I would be fine with that if someone would have told me that over 5 months ago. But, I’ve been through a whole lot being told that if I had just the right battery in me I could get an MRI as promised.”

He said, “Well the stimulator is MRI compatible with certain parts of your body.” I replied, “Yes sir, they are with all the parts I don’t need to be MRI friendly. But, me and the thousands of others who got this device implanted were told it was completely MRI compatible. In fact, 80 percent of us would have never agreed to get it if we weren’t told with such sincerity that it would never hinder any other forms of x-rays.”

I said, “I was promised that the first battery was totally MRI friendly. Only to discover that was not the case. Then, I was told if I switched to this new battery implant I could have a full MRI. Only to discover that not only is the second battery non-compatible, but all the hardware within me is non-compatible for an MRI. That’s a lot to swallow when this new “useless” battery is four times bigger than the one implanted prior to it. It is literally a constant thorn in my side day and night. It serves absolutely no purpose. I was promised that this new battery would without any doubt be MRI friendly.”

He said, “I don’t know anyone that would absolutely promise you anything. None of us can promise you anything.” I replied, “Well, it was promised by all including the stimulator company and my surgeon.” I pointed to the wall behind him and said, “What about that big poster behind you? The one that says, “How would you like to have something that helps with all your pain and is MRI compatible? Don’t you think that most who read that in such bold print are going to think they are getting a device that is MRI compatible.”

All he could keep doing is saying, “Well, as I said there is no need for it to be MRI compatible. A CT Scan can do just as good for you.” I said, “I’m not saying that you are wrong. But, I’m just simply expecting this device to be as it was told it could be MRI compatible. I certainly wish someone would have told me it wasn’t MRI friendly before I went through a third surgery and got this massive battery implanted into my skin.”

Never for one moment did my doctor apologize or act as if I had a real complaint. However, it’s not his body that is being poked constantly by this battery. It’s not his body that has been on this constant roller coaster ride full of empty promises. He’s not the one that has been lied to repeatedly. There is no doubt that if we had this case go before an honest jury I would win this by a landslide. The bottom line is my journey has revealed that this device can’t do what the company promises. All I can pray is that my discovery helps others who are yet to get this non-MRI compatible device implanted. Because I can promise you it would not be a piece of cake to just get the entire unit removed from my body. So, once again I simply must trust God with my disappointment, frustration, misfortune and with this new battery constantly piercing my side.

“I entrust my spirit into your hand. Rescue me, LORD, for you are a faithful God.” Psalm 31:5

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