Where Have I Been?


Well, I know you guys have not heard from me in a few days. I’ve got a few reasons for that happening. One, I kinda hit a dry spell where God just wasn’t putting anything on my heart to write. Two, I’ve just felt it best that I not dwell on my pain all the time. Three, my wife was away this weekend at a women’s retreat so I had more responsibility on me than usual. Anyway, here is how things have been.

First, I’m sure I’ve spent at least 15 hours in a hot tub this weekend. It’s still my only go to when things really get rough or to keep my pain from getting totally out of hand. The pain in my lower nerve region has somewhat improved. The pain in my lower back itself is as strong as ever. The pressure on that surgical area alone keeps everything like a pressure cooker throughout my body.

I have observed something clearly in recent days. Anytime you add my severe neuropathy with any extra stress it makes me breakout in a rash all over. I thought it was just hot water, but more than anything stress fuels the fire. And, I don’t think I can ever expect a stress free life this side of Heaven.

This Wednesday if it gets approved in time I will get an epidural pain injection in area that troubles me most. I’ve never had significant success from these shots. But, I can’t conclude they’ve not helped some. It’s been almost 15 months since the last injection. So, pray this shot gets approved ASAP and that it actually makes a difference in my pain level. Even at this moment both hands are covered with red splotches and itching badly. Today, I’m thankful for the strength and grace God has given me to get through all things.

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18


1 Comments on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Missed you these days, but that’s OK! What’s best for you is fine with me! Praying for you & Aimee always, as well as the four sons! Matt home yet from USC? Trust that Wednesday’s treatment will benefit! Still want to get together! Yours in Him, “Big Dog”


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