I Finally Made The First Move

Well, it’s official I’ve finally requested an appointment at the Mayo Clinic. Hoping to get initially evaluated at the Jacksonville, FL location. Then, if need be I will head to their main campus in Rochester, Minnesota. I just finally felt up to even filling out some basic information online. We’ll see how this works moving forward. I’m not assuming anything as I keep praying my way through each step.
I’m still dealing with quite a bit of itching in the hands and feet. My neuropathy is causing red itching patches to show up all over my body. Yes, they can flare up even more when I’m in the tub. But, they’ve shown that water is not the only thing that stimulates them. I just feel like I have a very large body of work for them to examine. I’m pretty much willing to do anything possible to see if there is any hope that man can do any more for my condition.
My prayer is that I’m able to get an appointment with their best neurologist. Wherever He resides I want to go. I then pray that God will connect my past journey with my present one. I’m hoping that trials and tests before will greatly benefit this process. And, I’m hoping that none of this ends up feeling like just more wasted time. But, you can’t expect anything if you don’t try. So, I’m trying one last time to find answers, pain relief, and God willing total healing.

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