Unedited Prayer

0F8F5A2B-0113-41E0-8929-7EB3526B56C3Lord, I’m coming to you with all that’s on my mind and heart. I really don’t know I can keep going on feeling this way. Then again I don’t know how I’ve made it this far. Had to be You that has carried me the past 32 months. You know I’ve been one step away of giving up on everything. Even still You are the one thing that remains constant.

I know in my heart nothing takes You by surprise. I know You have a plan for all this pain and misery. It just hurts so bad and seems never ending. I don’t like what I’m hearing from doctors. And it has gotten into my mind. Not to mention all my symptoms confirm their discoveries. In fact, my issues appear to be getting worse.

Jesus I need you more than ever before. Take me by the hand and walk me through this dark valley. Continue to use this pain that is just wasted misery in my hands. Fall fresh on me, renew my faith, and give me courage to keep moving forward. Hold me together while I feel like I’m falling all to pieces. I trust You fully with my fears, tears, present and future. Thank You for all You have done, or doing, and will do. In the Mighty name of Jesus I do pray!

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