Health Update 5/31/18


I’ve now approached 32 1/2 months of dealing with this painful roller coaster ride. I continue to write things fresh in the moments as God leads. I’m still praying that my journey can benefit and encourage someone on their journey. I’m hoping my records of what’s going on now can testify to what God alone has done later. Here is the greatest news at this time. While God hasn’t yet calmed the storm He has in many ways calmed His child. I’ve really been at a much deeper peace level since I saw my counselor last week. 

Presently, I’m still not back to any daily walking or exercise routine. My leg weakness has been greater than normal, but using a cane has helped me stand more upright. The battery I got implanted in my back is still a thorn in my side. It’s actually my biggest present hindrance when it comes to any exercise. It’s so easily irritated by any movement. The corners of the metal press constantly against my bones and skin. You can actually feel the heat coming from the battery when it’s very irritated. That can happen simply from laying on my right side or laying flat on my back while I was sleeping.

My nerves are still so easily ignited to high levels. Any level of stress, conversation or even my own voice can make my lower body vibrate with pain throughout both legs and feet. Even my own wife can’t ever tell when it’s a good or bad time to even talk or walk by me. I know you’re thinking that’s crazy. I would not believe it either if I hadn’t experienced full neurological breakdowns over and over again. 

The painful spot where everything radiates from is just as sensitive as ever. It’s no better if not worse feeling than it was prior to my first of three surgeries. However that spot feels dictates everything else. My legs, my feet, my hands, and my life. 

At it’s highest level I’m still daily seeing breakout red rashes all over. It just typically starts in my hands and feet. Even though my doctor yesterday says there is absolutely no connection between the breakout  rash and my nerve pain. There is no doubt in my mind the two go hand in hand. Because it only breaks out most when my pain overall is an 8 out of 10.

I am glad that the shot I got a few weeks back really helped the pain in my tailbone. My doctor feels I will need that shot every six months to keep that under control. All things considered I’m in a stable minded place. I still can’t stand dealing with the pain, the uncertainties, the breakouts, my limitations, or the fogginess I deal with from my meds. But, I feel I’m on the right track and mentally prepared to try to recover more. And the twenty five percent of relief I get from my stimulator helps me stay sane. 

Well, I could write for days about my condition, but I’m sure most have quit reading already. The only person likely to keep reading this is the person that can relate the most. I get it more than you think. No one understands the bizarre ups and downs of this nerve damaged condition unless they’ve been there. 

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

(Philippians 1:6)

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