I Hate Neurodermatitis

99FF5C35-B5D1-4EFD-BFD6-A56CDFD01635I’m back in the tub for the first time in 48 hours. It’s like I can’t let off even a little from taking my new medication. This itching is so intense to keep under control. The only consistent thing about my situation is inconsistency. I’ve really been comfortable most of the day. Now my Neurodermatitis is popping up all over my body at 1am. 

“Neurodermatitis is a skin condition that begins with an itch. The itch can develop anywhere on the surface of the body. The itch can be so intense that a person scratches or rubs the itchy patch frequently. The itch can also come and go. For most people, the area feels itchiest when they are relaxing or sleeping. The itch causes people to scratch or rub the area while sleeping — and it can awaken someone from a sound sleep. Quite often, the itch begins during an especially stressful time in someone’s life. Even when the stress subsides, the itch usually continues. Scratching or rubbing can change the appearance of that itchy patch.”

Research shows that there are several things that trigger Neurodermatitis. At the top of that list is an injury to a nerve. Then, a period of intense stress or emotional trauma. Dry skin, sweat, heat, and poor blood flow can also trigger things further. I have to say I’ve experienced all of the above. Sad thing is this is one more thing that doctors say has no cure. All you can hope to do is manage the symptoms and it’s trigger points. It’s by far not an easy task. I believe this is what Jesus would say about anything like this that man can’t fix. 

“Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer.” (Mark 9:29)

1 Comments on “I Hate Neurodermatitis”

  1. Regret that you’re still suffering with such symptoms! Praying for you! Trust that your doctor(s) can give you some relief! Really believe that “Dr. Jesus” can….He’s the very best physician we have! Sincerely, Preacher & Carlene

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