Does Life Feel Upside Down?

8D56B751-512D-4589-8C56-0E7C8D0C497CI’m simply writing these words as God leads. Nothing about me having all the answers, but I can certainly relate to life feeling upside down. I’ve been in the biggest battle of my life for quite some time. Physically, mentally, emotionally and for sure spiritually. I just quit posting everything on this personal page because I don’t want to overload you all with my issues.

God put it on my heart that some of you need to know somebody else doesn’t have it all together. I try my best daily to fight the good fight of faith. However, even on my best days it’s still a fight. I’ve certainly battled with moments of confusion, depression, and even fear of what the future might hold. By God’s grace I keep getting out of the bed. 

I keep feeling like I’m one step away from absolutely falling apart. Yet, God keeps carrying me through the seemingly impossible. I’ve been dog paddling by faith in very deep waters for over 2 1/2 years. God has proven several things to me through this valley He is still walking me through. Maybe you need to hear it for your valley. 

I’ve learned God will not put on you more than “He” can handle. God will not leave your side no matter how alone or misunderstood you may feel. God will supply all your needs even when you don’t know how you will pay those bills. God will place people in your life that can encourage and support you through your humbling journey. 

Bottom line is even when your life may feel upside down God is still putting things in order. He uses our pain as a platform to purposely display His grace. He uses our struggles to shape our faith and draw us closer than ever before. He often has to allow us to be in situations far beyond our control so He can reveal that He’s still in control. Whatever your battle have no doubt that God still has a plan. 

Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

2 Comments on “Does Life Feel Upside Down?”

  1. Yes sir..Amen!….But, I don’t think any of us are overloaded with your post. I’m sure not! Well this makes two people I know that does not have it all together…Gee wiz..Satan sure is good at telling you it’s just you! So, with that said I for one need your post! I love you pastor..Please, know we are always praying here!

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