His Strength Is Enough

Sundays are usually my toughest days of the week. I have to get up way earlier than my body is used to getting up. I have to focus way more than my medicine allows. I have to keep going longer than my disabled body will allow. I give all I can, but quickly realize it was way more than I had to give. 

After a long day I’m now hurting so badly. You would think I’ve been kicked numerous times with a steel toe boot. Or that I was in some kind of accident and got really banged up. I’m always surprised with how bad I feel. The nerves all throughout my lower body just feel fried. Even hours after taking my nighttime meds my body is vibrating in pain. 

Even still I have a great peace. The peace of knowing I’m doing the best I can. The peace of continually asking God to lead my every step. The peace of knowing that as I decrease Christ is increasing. I can only give God the credit for anything good and great in my life. I’m giving all I can while trusting God for so much I can’t accomplish without His help. 

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

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