Hold Me Jesus

Sadly, a few hours of sleep later my nerve condition remains the same. All my wife did was simply open the bedroom door and my nerves ran absolutely wild. Just the screeching of a door made piercing pain run through both legs into my chest. Just her voice and my voice in response made my body hurt so much. It’s like I’ve got a strong magnetic field running through my veins. Like lightening struck and an internal transformer blew up within me.

I’m sure most reading this think I’m crazy. However, it’s the best I can describe the chaos that is my present reality. My spinal cord stimulator has to be out of whack. It’s the only thing that makes sense for these sudden issues. For so long it’s been very consistent in helping keep things somewhat predictable and bearable. Now, it’s obviously missing the mark.

I just turned the unit off to see if I’m being over stimulated. A little time without it running should confirm things. In the meantime, I praying ASAP someone can meet me to reprogram my stimulator. It takes them testing and tweaking several things in hopes of settling this storm within me. I do know this is not abnormal to happen periodically. I just didn’t see it coming at all and no longer thought I could feel quite this bad again. It’s not time to panic, but rather be still before the Lord. I appreciate your continued prayers!

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

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