God Still Does Miracles

You are reading the rough draft of the introduction page in my future book. There were days I wondered if I could ever look forward to tomorrow. Honestly, I had long reached the point of feeling absolutely defeated. My greatest efforts seem to change nothing. My prayers were only whispers of desperateness. All I could do was believe God had a plan. Its a total understatement to say I was losing hope daily for three years straight.

Then, God stepped in and took me to higher ground. Exactly at the time I had fully reached the end of me. My body was collapsing. My heart and mind were beyond overwhelmed. In my greatest time of weakness all I could do was free fall into the arms of Jesus. You see, I gave it all up to the Lord. I said, “Do whatever you need to do and show me what I can do. I will do nothing less and nothing more than whatever you ask of me.”

I was prepared to walk away from pastoring my church and I was on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. I wasn’t sure how I could ever be the husband, father, son, friend or pastor I used to be. I figured the future held nothing but mere survival for me. That I just needed to accept the fact that my best days were behind me. Over time God has proven that was clearly a lie from satan.

Thank God I held on and sought to trust God. I’ve just continued to take the next God led step. In just six months, I’ve regained at least fifty percent more strength. I’ve traded in my walking cane for my own two legs that are getting stronger by the day. I’m back to walking miles per day and ministering to countless folks day and night. We just closed on a new home that meets all our families needs and more. We’ve literally not had our own home in 2,752 days. That’s 7 years and 6 1/2 months for a family of six.

Thank God, that was then and this is now. God has redeemed everything in my life. Life as a whole is looking up in every direction. Yes, I still have struggles, but we all do. However, where life finds me now is clearly a miracle compared to where I was in the past.

Until the I draw my last breath this side of Heaven I will testify loudly. To those feeling helpless I can tell them there is a helper. To those feeling defeated I can tell them there is victory. To those wondering how much more they can take I can tell them God will make a way. To those feeling hopeless I can tell them that hope can always be found in Jesus Christ alone.

No, I’ve not arrived to any place of perfection. Yet, when you finally read the book God has led me to write you will be amazed at the power of God on display in my life. I can’t wait to share so much more of the behind the scene miracles with you. Thank God for every soul that has prayed for me and God used to walk beside me through this journey.

“Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

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