Please read this if you care to know how sugar might be killing your body. I’ve been battling severe nerve damage throughout my body the past few years. Many things only God can change and heal. Slowly but surely God is showing me what I can change. Besides proper exercise and rest my daily diet matters greatly.

For quite sometime I knew I was seeing a consistent connection between excessive caffeine or sugar. For example, anytime I have more than two cups of coffee and especially any energy drinks my nerves crash later that day and for the next few days. Eating excessive amounts of sugar anytime literally leaves my body wasted. No doubt too much sugar and caffeine contribute to major inflammation in the body and nervous system.

I’m not sure I could have discovered this truth so clearly if not for dieting for a couple months. As soon as I tried to go back to eating whatever I wanted I ran into one of my biggest enemies. The cake and the donuts were delicious at the time. The next day they weren’t worth the obvious torture. The three different times I increased my sugar levels my body was beyond jolted. In fact, I had to spend the next 24 hours with vibrating nerve pain from both feet all the way into my face. All I could do was drink lots of water and pray.

I know without a doubt that sugar is very connected to my already severe neuropathy. I’m encouraging you to believe these truths I’ve discovered and that many have proven through studies. I can now walk right by those donuts or that cake because they fried my body. I leave you this quote I suggest you read below.

“The average American today consumes 53 teaspoons of sugar daily compared to the 1900’s when Americans consumed only two teaspoons per day! When we constantly expose our bodies to sugar on a daily basis, we are damaging our nerves little by little”

Dr. Richard P. Jacoby, author of Sugar Crush, explains how sugar impacts the nerves this way: “When you eat a diet heavy in processed foods full of wheat and refined sugar, your body is put on a glucose roller coaster. Because fiber has been stripped out of these products, the sugar inherent in all carbohydrates literally enters the blood stream in a rush. As your blood sugar spikes, most of the excess gets carried away to be stored as abdominal fat. While that’s happening, excess glucose still circulates throughout your body, attaching itself to protein and building up sorbitol in the cells, causing them to swell and compress the nerves.”

By God’s grace and discipline I’m still maintaining my 18 pounds of weight loss. I feel so much better with it gone. But, reducing my sugar intake has been most critical. Now, I’m actually considering what foods I eat and how they will affect my body. You can do it too my friend. Just choose to make one healthy decision at a time. FYI you won’t be seeing anymore cake eating videos.

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8

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