Stay Alert My Friends

For reasons I don’t understand I’ve been in a constant battle recently. It’s been a battle of mind, body, and soul. I’ve been doing so well lately. Yet, out of the blue it appears the enemy has kicked me relentlessly from behind again. Isn’t that how it always seems to go down?
You start thinking everything is going to be smooth sailing ahead. As soon as your hardships let up you let up in your dependence on God. Satan loves it when we hit the spiritual cruise control button. When we think the worst is behind us so we let down our spiritual guard. When we think we don’t need to pray with quite the intensity as before.
While I know all these things I admit I’ve fallen prey to satan’s predictable shenanigans many times. Human nature kicks in and you start thinking you’ve got everything under control. You know you need God’s help, but you start relying on your own limited strength and wisdom. I’m just glad God always opens my eyes in time and draws me back closer to Him. It’s only there I find renewed strength, perspective, and peace again.
“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

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