I Had To Step Away

The last two days have been brutal to my nerves. I clearly reached that point again where panic was knocking relentlessly at my door. The moment I realized I was drowning inside I hit the breaks on everything I could. Social media was the first thing that had to go. One, because I’m not healthy enough for much interaction. Two, I needed an extreme focus and connection with God.

In just twenty four hours my fasting from social media has paid off. I can hear God’s voice clearer. I’m forced to deal with the man in the mirror instead of just the next person in line to see me. I believe wholeheartedly that if a person is not healthy he can’t be very helpful. So, I will always take the necessary measures needed to catch my breath, regain my focus and find my healing.

During this time I can only interact with those who are good for my health. Those who love me despite what I’m going through right now. People who don’t just want something from me, but God’s best for me. There are seasons you just have to withdraw from the crowds and chaos. You desperately need to breathe in God’s presence, power, and peace. These moments must be intentional and often. You must do whatever it takes to rest your heart, mind, body and soul in the Savior’s arms. Otherwise, you are bound to become shipwrecked.

“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16

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