Here I Go Again

It’s Monday morning and the bees are buzzing all throughout my body. My nerve pain has reared it’s ugly head. Intense itching is running deep within my hands, legs and feet. I knew I was going to wake up to some pain. But, I’ve not dealt with such intensity of this itching in a good while.

Thank God my nerve related skin condition has been under control for the most part the past year. Yesterday was by far the longest time I’ve spent on my feet in well over three years. These moments run several things through my head. Thoughts that are bad and that are good.

One, I’m reminded that my condition still exist in great intensity. Two, I can’t help but wonder when it will get any worse and totally take me out of commission. Three, how amazing has God been at keeping my nerve damaged body under control the past several months. Four, I’m so thankful for all the good moments because these times make me totally miserable.

Overall, I’m far from panicking over my current situation. Fortunately and unfortunately I’ve been here many times. Enough to know God still sits on His throne. Enough to know God will give me break through relief in His perfect timing. In my mind, I’m still tempted to panic. But, in my heart I know it’s just another tough day that I can with God’s grace and strength endure.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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