Get Me Out The Way

A few years ago, I knew God had me in a huge transition period. I remember saying, “Lord when you’re done there won’t be anything left of me.” Despite my concerns God continued to stretch me. Despite my fears God continued to test me. Now, despite me God is doing a new thing.

There was a time where I relied heavily on my ability to get things done. People knew me as someone they could always count on. I’ve preached more funerals the past decade than most will ever attend in their lifetime. I’ve spent countless hours counseling huge flocks of people. Then, without warning God took away my superpowers.

Suddenly I couldn’t rely on myself for anything. Many days I didn’t even know if I could get up let alone show up. No longer could I just be the guy who helped everybody. It was just the beginning of God getting me out of his way. Most of this journey has been very painful. However, every step of the way I could see God at work.

Now, God has me right where He wants me. Running into my new limits has led me to invest daily in other leaders. Knowing I can’t do everything myself has led me to truly value the body of Christ. I was never meant to be Mr Fix it, but I’ve been called to lead flocks of people towards Jesus. I’m seeing God do daily so much more as I become less and less. It’s amazing how God has to get us out the way so He can have His way.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

1 Comments on “Get Me Out The Way”

  1. Special friend, a great article to read! “I’ve been here too, done that!” Many a pastor-preacher type would do well to realize the truth of your experience! Preach “a great sermon, Preacher!” message, but then get in the way of the truths! It’s not about me, but always Him! Pray for you & Aimee, Sons, Family, and people of God at Refuge regularly!


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