Are You Really Leading?

Being a leader is one of the greatest challenges on the planet. Whether it’s being a parent, teacher, preacher, coach, boss or president. It actually takes quite sometime to even know what you’re doing. It takes even longer to learn how to lead others towards doing it. To embrace what should be the goal of every leader.

First of all, a leader is not called to see how much they can do, but how much “we” can do together. Leadership is not meant to be a spectator sport or solo performance. The effectiveness of any leader is not measured by their efforts, but instead their influence. What difference will you make in the lives of others? How will others reach their full potential because of your intentional leadership?

Next, leadership must be intentional. That’s great that you can do certain things well. But, leaders intentionally help others learn to do things well. It’s your job to show them, teach them and position them for growth. If you don’t help reproduce other leaders you aren’t leading with enough intention. You’re simply gathering others and saying watch what I can do.

Finally, leaders should lead as if they can’t lead tomorrow. Any leader is replaceable and should always be looking for their replacement. We have to put aside our insecurities. We have to make the mission more important than us feeling most important. We have to recognize that any of us can go down at any moment. Our true leadership will be evaluated by whether others have been taught how to carry on with the mission without us. These are just a few things God has been teaching me over the years.

“Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.” 1 Timothy 3:1

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