5 Ways To Lift Your Spirit

The longevity of my painful journey has taught me many things. How to believe God when you can’t see anything changing. How to persevere when you feel like giving up. How to wait on God for your breakthrough. I’ve also learned some things critical for keeping your spirit lifted along the way.

1. Be Proactive

The longer you battle a condition the more you learn about it. You learn what you can’t do. You learn what you better do to take care of yourself. Remain a student of your condition so you can proactively manage your health when possible. It’s easier to stay on top of the pain. However, if you allow the pain to get on top of you it will take you down very quickly.

2. Get Out The House

In the past, I spent countless days alone in my house. Whether in the bed or tub I just wallowed in my misery. I finally learned that I had to get out the house. Even a couple hours in a new environment can lift your spirit. Staring constantly at the same walls and pain too long is never a good thing. Make yourself get out daily when possible. Just don’t over do it.

3. Focus On What You Can Do

Satan wants to keep kicking you while you’re down. He wants you to believe your life is over. While it may have changed it’s not over. Everyday there are reasons to smile. Celebrate what you can do and the moments you can enjoy. If all else fails start writing a thank you list to God to literally count your blessings.

4. Do Whatever It Takes

My life and ministry is constantly planned around my condition. I stay mindful of what’s best for my health. I still spend an average of 3 hours per day in a tub for relief. I make sure I get necessary rest. I take the medications I need to for my nerve pain and related anxiety. I take a walk or jump in the pool if I know it’s gonna help my body and mind. I stay honest about how I feel so I can do whatever it takes to thrive despite my struggles.

5. Let God Use It

This might not make most people’s list of ways to lift their own spirit. But, trust me it’s a game changer. Jesus wants to use your pain to encourage others in pain. When you know your pain is not a waste it gives you a feeling of worth. As you look around you discover you’re not alone in the struggle. Others need you and you need them to walk through the daily pain.

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