The Lift I Needed

The past two days have been extremely tough. In fact, today I had to use my walking stick for the first time in six months. My legs have just gotten so weak due to this radiating tailbone pain. Yet, today God provided just the lift I needed. Obviously, laying in the bed constantly was just taking me down physically, mentally and emotionally.

I would’ve stayed in the bed all day based on the little sleep I got last night. Thank God I had a noon day meeting already scheduled at the church. I followed that up with a hospital visit to see an elderly lady who experienced a bad fall early this morning. I know what you’re thinking “why is someone barely able to walk visiting someone else in the hospital. Trust me it was a blessing in disguise.

God lifted my spirit by giving me a purposeful assignment. God lifted my spirit as I sat a couple hours with someone who is struggling way more than me. The opportunity to minister to others renewed my heart and took my eyes off myself. With every word I shared and prayed God poured back into me. I followed this up with some much needed pool therapy.

I’ve got an appointment with my pain specialist this coming Friday. I’m praying that insurance will approve his recommendation for another pain shot. I’m also in the process of transferring my pain management somewhere else. While I’m battling a lot of demons I’m way more encouraged at this time. I shortened my day with sleep and God lifted my spirit with purpose. My upcoming pain assessment gives me hope for the pain relief I know God will bring in time.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

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