The Road To Total Wellness

I can’t put into words how much today’s medical massage helped reduce my pain level. The lady that worked on me definitely specializes in unique cases like me. In just 30 minutes she reduced the pain near my injection site by fifty percent or more. I can now stand or walk without blinding pain. I’ve been beyond overjoyed ever since.

The crazy thing is I was hurting so bad that I was going to cancel this appointment. I knew there was no way the areas of pain could be helped right now. Nothing but rest and time would heal a thing. But, the rest of my body was so bound up from laying in bed since Monday. The therapist led by God delivered me so much relief.

I’m a big believer that some people are hired and others are called and gifted to do things. This lady was called, anointed and operating with clear vision. She registered the areas in bondage and freed every muscle she could. Before I got off the table I knew God had worked a miracle through her.

I’m now literally scheduled to see this therapist once a week for the next six months. This is something I must do if I’m going to reach my best new normal. I highly recommend Melinda at Total Wellness Medical Center in Summerville, SC. The great thing is they take most insurances. Four and half hours later I’m still feeling great and grateful.

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17

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