Still Learning In 1st Grade

I hate this feeling so much. In fact, it’s what I work so hard to avoid feeling on a daily basis. Once you feel this pain once you will do practically anything to not feel it again. Every fiber of me hurts so badly. I’ve taken all that I have for medications. Now, it’s just about waiting on the storm to calm.

After over 150 ounces of water you would assume any caffeine or processed sugar would be totally out of my system. Caffeine or sugar has to be causing my issues because it’s the only things different about this day. My skin has been crawling underneath for about 3-4 hours straight. Honestly, 3-4 minutes this way would make most sick.

The nausea is getting old. My body’s response to cool air is piercing. Any sudden sound or movement is hardly bearable. As much as I’ve experienced similar pain before you would think I would be used to it. I only had half the caffeine intake compared to most Sundays. But, I did have a small cup of ice cream last night and a small piece of cake today.

Honestly, my bet is on the sweets as little as it might seem. Evidently it’s just more than my body can digest with this nerve wrecked condition. Hoping to be out of my misery sooner than later. Seems it typically takes two days for sugar to completely catch up with me. All I can do is keep on taking notes and learning. I will make the necessary adjustments.

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