We All Cope In Different Ways

By now many of have probably noticed a trend. When I’m really hurting I write a lot. I don’t do it for self-pity. I don’t just do it so it might encourage someone. I do it because I feel compelled to share my story. For me it’s one of the key ways I cope with my nonstop pain.

My wife asked me earlier what all was hurting. My initial response was one word. Everything! It’s like someone gave me an IV full of self inflicting pain. My skin keeps crawling from my feet to my face. My lower back feels like someone has kicked me relentlessly. This has been going on practically the entire day.

I’m just waiting and hoping these medications kick in soon. Considering I took things two hours ago I would think relief would have already come. As I’ve stated before this is not a club I chose to join. This pain chose me and for reasons I may not fully understand God continues to allow this suffering.

In the meantime, my heart keeps pounding. The longer this misery continues the harder it is to be still. I’m certainly trying to be still and know that He is God. Yet, everyone has their limits when it comes to enduring pain. Evidently I’ve once again reached all I can take in one day.

“At night my bones are filled with pain, which gnaws at me relentlessly.” Job 30:17

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