Every Time She’s Gone

My wife is presently away on a women’s retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN. She along with several ladies from our church are hoping to get spiritually renewed and refreshed. Personally, I’m ecstatic that my wife is getting this long overdue time away. I can’t think of anyone I know more deserving. This woman lives unselfishly from sun up to sun down.

Every time she’s gone I fully realize many things. One, what she does on a daily basis is amazing. Just one day trying to partially fill her shoes totally exhausts me. Two, even my best efforts can’t substitute for her presence. Usually my boys give me a look that verifies I’m not a very good Mr. Mom. Somewhere in there eyes I see them saying “God bless his heart for even trying.”

Finally, every time she’s gone I learn to fully appreciate her. Not just what she does, but who she is as a person. I can’t imagine life without her. I don’t want to imagine life without her. She completes me in every way. These times only confirm I truly married the right person. Because I only love her more as each day passes.

“I found the one my heart loves” Song Of Solomon 3:4

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