A Very Painful Day

Seems I can’t ever go more than a few days without my entire body crashing. It is always a combo of several factors. Often it’s a couple tough days that lead to the worst days. Sunday I drank way too much caffeine and walked way too much. Monday I did not rest like I should have and walked way too much again. Monday night I was not able to sleep until 4am Tuesday morning. Then, by last night after a stressful day my body officially crashed.

I’ve spent last night and today in the bed. My entire lower body is hurting and tingly intensely. The pain in my tailbone has been hurting and hurting. You wouldn’t think I just got a shot in that area a month ago. The worst part is my nerve pain is at a very high level. Meaning anything can make my entire body hit panic mode. It’s like having electricity running throughout your entire body.

I had to take one of my emergency 5mg Valium after being up for just an hour. Sadly my wife and kids have to deal with this roller coaster of pain and emotion. I’m learning that there is no use in trying to explain something to them I can barely understand myself. So, I just headed to bed, and took whatever necessary to calm the raging nerves within me.

These moments body slam my every emotion. They rip my heart out because I rarely see them coming. I’m left to feel like the only thing I can do is be still and pray. I’m no longer trying to fight with it. I’m just believing God has purpose for it. Now, I’m going back to sleep and hope to wake up better later on. We all know pain is never welcomed, but often a part of this imperfect life.

“We know God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them.” Romans 8:28

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