Your Most Important Step

I still believe I’m in the heavyweight fight of my life. I also believe I’ve finally discovered a profound and simple secret. No matter what you may be facing. Regardless of how overwhelming you may feel. Especially if you’re struggling to even get out of the bed. Your next step is by far the biggest key to moving forward.

Every morning and practically every night I feel exhausted and somewhat paralyzed. My wife watches me lying in bed not sure if I can go on. As I lay there consumed in pain and disappointment. I feel like I’ve exhausted all known options. Of course, I ask God for strength and discernment. I know I’m always desperate for His healing touch. I know God can always take me through whatever I’m facing.

However, I’ve been wrong about there being nothing more I could do. God needs me to keep taking the next right step. By that I mean doing what I can while trusting Him with all I can’t. That next step might be simply getting up. That next step might be going for a walk. That next step might be talking with someone who can encourage my faith and perspective. That next step might be making that medical appointment that could change my life. That next step might be choosing to eat or live healthier.

This may sound so easy. But, it’s not when you feel defeated, discouraged, and broken. Sometimes the next right step is reaching out for a hand to hold. You may need a little help to take that next step. Regardless of your situation the next step is your most important one. Don’t worry about tomorrow and what it may hold. Trust God with the next step of your life. Just surrender everything to Jesus and keep following His lead.

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” Psalm 143:10

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