God’s Not Done Yet

Today has certainly been one of the absolute longest days of my life. Last night I managed just over 3 hours sleep once my nervous system settled. Then, I drove an hour one way to my medical appointment. My medical assessment started at 8am and went continuously until after 2pm. I’ve been to a lot of doctor visits, but none anywhere near that long. Thank God I was able to use a heating pad throughout the day.

Outside of a lot of unexpected struggles today was a huge leap forward. Finally, I got to sit down with a caring and compassionate doctor. We discussed throughly my medical history. Looking at what has worked and what has not. What has healed and what has not. What we can’t control and what we can control.

Now, I will have to go back for several more allergy tests in the near future. But, they can’t be done until I’m off certain allergy medications for at least ten days. However, we didn’t need testing to identify certain things that must be addressed. I really came into this appointment as desperate, ready, and expectant as ever for God to take things further. The following are the things that begun today. Keep in mind this is a place that seeks ways to help your body heal and thrive the best possible.

One, they’ve given me resources to help me start recognizing and eliminating foods that are clearly creating greater inflammation. Two, they’ve given me supplements that can boost my energy, clarity and overall health. Three, they’ve given me natural supplements that can replace both my sleeping and pain medications. Most of all, they’ve given me the hope of my nervous system healing much further.

This place is not conventional and that’s a great thing. They don’t look how they can get you dependent on the next medication. Instead how they can support naturally your body and minds ability to heal. For so long I’ve just been dealing with symptoms. No one has taken the time to help me deal with the roots of my everyday pain.

Honestly, this journey has just begun. I’ve got a lot of information to digest. I’ve got a lot of new action plans to put in place. But, I don’t mind a bit because it all has given me great peace and home. I will with time be off most of my medication. I will with time be a much healthier me inside and out. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the least bit normal.

For now, I will not promote this specific place. I will let time and my story speak for itself. Everything feels like it’s finally heading in the right direction. Not just a direction of surviving, but thriving. I firmly believe this begins with my diet, other learned disciplines, and patiently trusting God for further healing. I truly believe God is writing the last chapter of this faith walking season. And, once this season reaches its end I will finally be ready to share my full God story with a world of others who suffer greatly. Thanks for every prayer uttered on my behalf. I’m exhausted, but way more at peace about the future.

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6

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