16 Days Of Total Life Change

There’s no way to argue with such obvious results. This radical diet has literally changed my life. While it has definitely not been easy. It’s certainly working to reduce the inflammation and chaotic nerve pain inside of my body. In fact, I’ve never been so clear minded and optimistic during this entire 50 months of my rehabilitation.

I actually see myself having a future. My quality of life has increased drastically along with my optimism. No way you could have told me that a diet alone could change so much. After all, I had already lost 30 pounds since January of this year. In fact, I’m down a total of 35 pounds now. Yet, outside of coming off blood pressure medication. Losing weight alone really didn’t improve my condition. Starving myself was not the answer.

However, the diet I’m living out now has not been just about what I’ve chosen not to eat. But, it’s been just as important what I have been eating. Nothing but veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, and very lean meats (mainly chicken) have been swallowed. I’ve not had any caffeine, white sugar, gluten, eggs, processed foods, corn, bread, white rice, or even one dairy product. I’m not sure I can even spell the word dessert anymore.

Yes, I’m still in shock that I’ve made it this far and stayed this disciplined for 16 days straight. Sure, I’ve had many dreams of me eating cake, pie, ice cream, banana pudding or just a big bowl of cereal. And, maybe there will come a time I can eat some of those things with moderation. But, my freedom from insane pain has me pretty motivated to stay this course for now.

No matter what I know my way of living has to change for good. I believe I’m on track to be the healthiest I’ve ever been in my adult life. I’m now walking consistently, stretching as necessary, and always making sure I keep a proper balance. God is pouring out His blessing in my life. I honestly believe my God story is going to inspire so many others towards hope in their painful journey.

Piece by piece, God is making me feel whole again. The past two weeks have totally pulled me out of any depression. As my medications continue to be reduced. My vision keeps getting clearer and clearer. I feel God’s hand upon me. Healing is taking place physically, mentally and emotionally within me. God is restoring order in my life day by day. And, all I can do is praise Him while I keep taking the next right step. Four months from now I will turn 45 and I wholeheartedly believe the best is yet to come even with some aches and pains.

“So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning.” Job 42:12

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