Gotta Keep Believing

Earlier I was out of the house doing a few things. My normal 2pm medicine alarm went off as usual. So, I reached in my backpack to get my medicine. It was then I realized everything was in there except for ibuprofen. I had refilled my weekly medicine container this morning. Somehow, I forgot to put ibuprofen in my 2pm and 8pm slots. So, I took everything else planning to take my ibuprofen a little while later.

Around 5pm I arrived home feeling like someone with the flu. My entire body was aching from my feet to my face. I literally felt like someone had beaten me up. It was not until around 5:30pm that I remembered not taking my ibuprofen. Which meant it had been 9 1/2 hours since my last dose of ibuprofen. Of course, I took my ibuprofen immediately along with some CBD oil.

My body is still seeking to recover as my heart has been pounding. I’m typically so detailed with my medications, but Satan found a small window towards taking me down. Sadly, the pain got so much on top of me that it will take a little while for my aching nerves to settle. I can’t believe how missing just two ibuprofen could leave me feeling so bad.

Finally, I’m back in the tub for some relief. In fact, outside of being asleep it’s my only escape from this pain. I’ve been trying so hard to keep my mind on anything that could help my health. However, it seems I just can’t win for losing. I will definitely be going to bed right at 8pm and hopefully waking up much better tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Fortunately, the past has taught me many reasons to keep believing. God always has a plan and a way to carry me through the pain. In the middle of the pain it’s so hard to see especially if it’s blinding you. God has proven His faithfulness in days gone by and promises His faithfulness days to come. I’m trusting that even now God is using my pain to encourage someone walking through a similar pain. If that’s you know that I’m praying for you and God will take you through.

“I remember the days gone by; I think about all that you have done, I bring to mind all your deeds.” Psalm 143:5

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