Pain, Pain Go Away

The last several nights have not been great to me. Every evening that old familiar pain keeps throbbing in my lower back. It melts me down so quickly. Funny how these intense pain moments make you feel like nothing much has changed. When I know good and well I’m not like where I used to be.

I’m still eating great and getting so much more accomplished during the day. However, driving, sitting and even standing are often a big issue. Been trying my best to stay away from certain medications. Yet, the pain has been forcing me to take some extra medication the past four nights.

Right now I’m drowning in pain and begging God to help me sleep. Anyone that battles chronic pain knows it can so easily get on top of you. And this colder weather is certainly not doing me any favors. I’ve been doing so well in so many ways. But, these moments help me see that I’m far from fixed. God just keeps holding me together. If I can actually get some quality rest. It would go a long towards greater healing and relief.

“At night my bones are filled with pain, which gnaws at me relentlessly.” Job 30:17

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