Lots To Swallow Daily

My mind and heart are gradually calming down. I’m laying in bed on my side. Presently this is my only possible position for some comfort. Right now, I can’t lay on my back, sit up or stand without discomfort. My nights continue to make me feel trapped inside of my own body.

Anytime I’m forced to lay here in pain so much goes through my mind. Mainly, I try to remain a student of my condition. How can I possibly have a more positive outlook? What must I do to thrive not just survive? What should I do to give myself the greatest chance of healing. Here are a few things I know I must do physically everyday to be my healthiest.

#1 Get A Good Night’s Sleep

#2 Take necessary supplements and drink plenty of water.

#3 Eat Healthy & Stay Away From Unhealthy & Inflammatory Foods

#4 Walk Enough, But Not Too Much

(At least 2 miles no more than 3)

#5 Stretch Properly Morning, Day & Evening

#6 Keep Respecting My Condition

#7 Don’t stand, sit or drive more than 30 minutes at a time.

#8 Limit my stress load.

#9 Do what I can, but trust God with all I can’t.

#10 Get in the bed early. Generally in bed no later than 9pm and aim to be asleep before 11.

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