Thank You God

Thanks for your many prayers. I’ve gotten my breakthrough once again. I just finished sleeping almost 4 hours once the meds and prayers kicked in. Just gonna have to take at least one muscle relaxer much earlier each night. That is until I get back on top of things.

My recent days have been alright, but my recent nights not great at all. There are a combo of reasons this is happening. I’ve just made too many drastic life changes over the past few weeks. Medication reductions, totally new diet, and a major increase in daily activity. Even seeking to drive more recently has done me no favors.

Praise God I do have medications that can help me rest if I’m able to stay on top of the pain. Life is all about adjustments. I will learn from here. Still far beyond where I was before in this journey. Just gotta stay proactive with my self care at all times. Gonna try and get a few more hours sleep even now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

His love endures forever.” Psalm 36:1

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