Let’s Not Repeat This

Written 9pm 12/6/19

Here I am 13 hours later still hurting very badly. In fact, it feels like someone released fire ants to run loose throughout my entire body. No, I’m not exaggerating about how I feel right now. The misery just hasn’t gotten out of my system. Today’s been one of those days I pray is not repeated anytime soon. After further assessment I don’t think there is just one culprit this time.

As I’ve done throughout my recovery. I keep up with critical stats and consistency through my Fitbit and personal journaling. While I totally believe something in my diet took me furtherest over the ledge. A few other things have definitely impacted my current situation. One, I walked nearly 1 1/2 miles further than I should have daily this past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Two, on those same 3 days of walking further I was active daily for nearly 3 hours longer than time has proven is good for me. Thirdly, my sleeping schedule has been much later and inconsistent all week. These are what I call measurable success stats.

Time has proven it all matters. I’m not just managing food, but miles, sleep, stress and overall daily activity. This is what I mean about maintaining respect of your condition and consistently doing what’s best for your overall health. Oh, and I have been taking Mondays off but I worked all day on this one. Yes, we’re all going to have off days, but it’s when a series of off days pile up that we’re typically asking for trouble.

All day I’ve been fighting to right the ship. All day I’ve been paying for thinking I could just ignore these consistencies all week. Again, it’s usually not just one thing that takes you down. It’s when all the poor choices collide that you will go down. Even still I’m thankful for answers, measurable stats and a chance to get it right moving forward. While I hate the pain these insights give me hope.

I know things can and will change. This was just a day that tackled me from every angle. My heart is not crushed and my future is not shattered. God is just needing to get my attention so that I keep learning how to live a continuous recovery lifestyle. Ask yourself, “what might you need to adjust in your life to get back on track?” Whatever it is I pray you decide to do it.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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