Her Love Carries Me

This woman by my side is something special. Her love looks beyond my many imperfections. Morning, day and night she seeks to love me for better or worse. There’s no way our marriage is still standing without her unconditional love and unwavering commitment. There’s no way I’m still standing if she hadn’t carried me through every valley.

She’s deserving of so many (P.H.T.) Putting Him Through awards. Since the day we got married I’ve never felt alone. She got me through college & seminary. She’s believed in me when others didn’t. She’s helped me through every shipwrecked moment. She’s helped me recover from things I never thought possible. She’s made me look better than I am just by her presence and consistent character.

I’m a hot mess to begin with, but she knew that before marriage. However, as a pastor’s wife she has to share me with so many others. She chooses to stay behind the scenes because she doesn’t do anything for self-glory. But, sometimes I just have to acknowledge the jewel she has always been.

One of my greatest New Year’s resolutions is to treat her like a queen. To not take what she does for granted. To enjoy more dates and even go on a few more memorable trips. Ministry is a very huge passion of mine. But, if I fail to treat her right. I will consider myself a failure. After all, I really can’t do much without her. I love this preachers wife God gave me!

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Song of Solomon 3:4

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