Makes Sense Now

Last night I could not understand why I felt so bad. Like way worse than I’ve felt anytime recently. I had eaten a few things not on my diet plan. But, nothing that made me tumble so quickly in recent days. Well, I’m hoping I found the answer earlier.

Around 2am this morning I took a couple more ibuprofen. I just couldn’t understand how my 9pm nighttime meds had done nothing. After all, I even took an extra muscle relaxer around 11pm. Well, come to find out I never took my nighttime medicine. How my mind missed it I do not know.

However, when I went to take this mornings 9am meds I discovered last night’s meds still in the container. I literally went 12 extra hours without taking my most needed medication for my nerve pain. This explains why my body has felt totally inside out. Why I kept tumbling down and down with each hour. I’m lucky to have even slept a few hours.

I literally have 4 alarms set per day for this stuff. I check behind this stuff thoroughly knowing I need every medication I’m scheduled to take. Somehow, Satan pulled one over on me. It was a roller coaster of a night. Hopefully, my body and meds get back regulated real soon. Just shaking my head in disbelief. Still I’m grateful for answers!

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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