Keep Praying For My Dad

My dad is once again in a whole lot of discomfort. I hate to see him or hear him crying. However, that’s what makes me know the pain is so great. We are seeking to trust the Lord with every step. We’re praying for God to bring healing to his body.

His kidneys are still struggling. He has lesions in his hips, spine, shoulder, and even his skull. Even still, this type of cancer is different than most. Even being in the most advanced stage. Many have seen this type of cancer put in remission. Dads cancer has already responded to the past month of chemotherapy. So, we know there is certainly hope for dad.

Unfortunately, we all know chemotherapy always has major side effects. Dad had an extremely rough night. I prayed with him earlier as he’s still in the eye of this storm. Dealing with the kind of pain that leaves you breathless and crying like a child. This is very painful to watch. I’m certain it’s even tougher to be the actual patient.

I can identify with the ongoing torture of pain. But, I can’t identify with knowing I’m fighting for my actual life. With not knowing what tomorrow will bring. One of these struggles would be enough. I know others reading this can identify with my emotions and perspective. Just know I’m not trying to make this struggle about me. I’m just using this forum to process my emotions and generate prayers for my dad. I love that man so much. It’s not time to give up. It’s time to pray and give things up to God.

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16

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