Struggles In Your Backyard

I used to say this all the time. I’m realizing more and more this statement is so true. Things are always different when it’s happening in your backyard. When the struggle belongs to you, a family member or a close friend. Otherwise it’s just someone you’re prayer for from a distance.

Praying for someone struggling is always easier than struggling yourself. No one wants to get that terminal diagnosis. No one wants to go through a devastating divorce. No wants to see someone drink themselves to death. No wants to hurt or see someone they love dearly hurting.

So, we would rather just see someone we didn’t know on that prayer list. The things we hear on the news may be disturbing. Yet, if it puts anyone close to us in harms way. The news and concerns may keep us up all night praying.

Maybe we all need to realize this for sure. That any struggle we hear about is in someone’s backyard. Meaning those folks need our prayers. Just like we hope others will be prayerful and understanding for us in our troubled times. We too should pray for others in battles we may not understand. But, God knows they need our love, support and prayers.

(1 Peter 5:9) Stand firm against the devil and be strong in your faith. Remember that your family of believers all over the world is going through the same kind of suffering you are.

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