Learning From A Boy

Today, I had the joy of visiting with my dad. He was much more comfortable than many past visits. They decided a week ago that his body needed some rest from his chemotherapy injections. However, the reality of his condition is beginning to take it’s toll on him and mom. The past six weeks have felt like six months. Dad is having to embrace a lot of changes in a short period of time.

I told dad I’ve learned how to fight best through watching my youngest son. Asher will turn 10 years old this month. But, he’s been praying for me since age 5 years old. His very presence has settled by soul. His faith in God has lifted my spirits. His countless prayers have carried me through many otherwise unbearable days.

Now, the same little boy that prayed me through. Is the same little boy praying his granddaddy through. Asher calls my dad most nights to pray specifically for him. He asks God to give his granddaddy peace, courage, faith, and relief from his pain. He prays sincerely, passionately, and purposely.

Recently, when I told him Grandaddy was just real sick. That he was just having a lot of bad days. He said the following with great conviction. “Well, daddy we just need to pray more for Grandaddy. God can help him like he helped you.” That really hit my heart.

I told my dad my faith has grown so much. One, because I’ve witnessed a huge healing miracle in my own life. Two, because I keep seeing a little boy who still prays and believes in miracles. His child like faith moves my heart to believe God for the otherwise impossible.

“But Jesus said, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

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