I just got a phone call from my mom. She was very hard to understand due to her intense crying. My heart dropped as the only words I could understand at first were “Your Daddy.” As her voice got clearer I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Could this really be true!

They had just left the cancer doctor’s office. As many know my dad was just diagnosed 54 days ago with Multiple Myeloma Cancer. It was not just in its early stages. He has spots on his hips, spine, ribs, shoulders and even in his skull. We’ve known that he was in the most advanced stage of this particular cancer. Especially since his kidneys have functioned as low as 13-15%.

Over 3 weeks ago dad had to take a break from his twice a week chemo injections. It was just too brutal on his body and he was rapidly losing more weight. We knew this was a risk since time was not on his side. This cancer needed to be pushed back aggressively. However, we just had to trust God in these deep waters of uncertainty.

My 9yr old Asher who prays with his granddaddy every night. He just told me yesterday that when we pray even cancer can’t kill us. Well, from this point forward I’m choosing to believe my 9yr old. The doctor just informed my dad that HIS CANCER IS IN REMISSION.

His cancer doctor said she’s never seen anything like this before. That it had to be an act of God knowing how dad’s numbers have been. Knowing that dad only had a little over a month of treatment! They will be running the numbers once more just to be sure. But, for now WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR MIRACLE.

My mom’s tears were happy tears of almost disbelief. My heart is still pounding from that phone call. I can’t believe it God!!! I can’t believe it GOD. This has raised my faith to the highest level possible. I feel like I’m dreaming since I knew there was nothing much man could do. BUT, GOD JUST DID IT for the glory of HIS NAME!

“Jesus said, “What is impossible for people is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

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