I Just Have To Remember

I’ve been at this point what seems like a thousand times. Oh how tough it is to keep eating different than most people all the time. I’ve not eaten quite as strictly for nearly a week. Today, it’s just finally caught up to me. My neuropathy has been back to running from my feet to my face. It’s a constant sensation you never get used to experiencing. It turns your plans upside down.

Thank God I’m much better than I was earlier. I just spent the entire evening in the tub out of necessity. It’s in these moments the enemy wants to take me back to the old days. Constant feelings of misery make it really hard to look past the moment. Even when I’ve seen God take me to higher ground so many times.

Fortunately, I know in my heart I this season will pass eventually. It may not pass as quickly as I would prefer. The enemy has really sought to knock the air out of my sails all week. Therefore, I’ve got to rely on all of God’s past faithfulness. Otherwise, I won’t have enough faith to see beyond this present discomfort. It’s always tough, but I’ve certainly experienced tougher. Those days in the past seemed absolutely hopeless. But, it’s those days gone by that now assure me of hope today.

“I remember the days gone by; I think about all that you have done, I bring to mind all your deeds.” Psalm 143:5

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