Plenty Of Reasons To Pray

Dad, Mom & Cassy

This week has seemed in many respects like a bad dream. Far beyond my own body surprising me with much unwanted pain. I feel like the entire world around me is in panic mode. Who knows how many more places will be shutdown soon as the world stares at the threat of this Coronavirus. Even at the church I pastor we are preparing for the possibility of having to live stream future services.

My dad actually started receiving daily radiation treatments this past Tuesday. After he finishes 10 weekdays straight of radiation. It sounds like there is much more treatment to come. While we’ve certainly seen God move in very big ways. Dad’s particular cancer is just not one of those you ever totally knock out. In fact, doctors say it never really goes away. But, we’re happy for the quality moments dad has been able to enjoy considering his aggressive cancer.

Then, yesterday morning our family was dealt another big surprise. Friday morning my mom thought she was just having severe indigestion. My dad ended up having to call 911. He thought he might have to administer CPR had things kept escalating. Later hospital evaluation revealed that mom actually had a mild heart attack.

Mom remains at the hospital at least through today as she awaits further testing. God willing this will only serve as a wake up call for mom’s health. She is in good spirits and seems to not be in any major pain at this time. I will keep you all posted on what doctors and tests confirm today.

Last night they surprisingly made my dad and others leave the hospital by 7:30pm due to the present Coronavirus threat. While I understood that dad was heartbroken he couldn’t stay by mom’s side. I also knew he needed his rest and really doesn’t need to be in any hospital long. However, I learned last night that it’s hard to stop someone who’s been married over 48 years from being by his wife’s bedside. So, while wearing his much needed health mask he is headed back to the hospital early this morning.

Anyway, please keep them both in your prayers. Praise God and thanks to my strict diet I’m doing much better today. My concern is truly for those around me. Even those of you reading this that feel like nobody cares about your struggles. Well, I do and so does God. I’m praying we might all find God’s comfort and peace especially during these uncertain days. Let’s all cast our worries onto God’s great big shoulders.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

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