Sleep Where Are You?

For nearly two weeks I’ve not been able to sleep like I once could for so long. My body has proven in the past that I typically need at least 8 hours of nightly rest for my body to function well. I’ve been averaging maybe 6 hours of daily sleep. Even that sleep has been full of tossing, turning and nonstop dreaming. And all of those hours have been scattered here and there.

There’s only a few things that I know have changed. One I did reduce my nightly Neurontin by 300mg two weeks ago. I’ve officially reduced my daily dose from 3600mg to now 1800mg. My mind is much clearer and I’m able to focus longer. But, maybe that extra 300mg of Neurontin at night was helping me sleep a lot more than I realized.

The other likely factor would be my activity. Two weeks ago I was walking nearly 5 miles per day and keeping constant balanced movement. The past 2 weeks I’ve had a lot more responsibility on me. I’ve sat way too many hours straight throughout the day. Planning, preparing and counseling obviously can’t substitute for physical exercise.

Now, I won’t be increasing or deceasing my Neurontin intake anytime soon. It took me way too much sweat, tears and prayers to reduce that by 50%. So, I’ve got to get myself back on a more balanced schedule. Plus I’ve got to make time to exercise daily. My gut tells me that increased stress mixed with decreased exercise is never a good combo.

Well, I guess I do know some things that should help better my chances for rest. I’ve just got to get some things back in order. After all, even with me taking a muscle relaxer and melatonin nightly I’m lucky if I fall asleep by 2am. The last few days it’s been after 4 am. Here it is already after 5am and I’ve still not slept a wink. Time has shown that sleep is so crucial. My mind and body can’t function long without it. My heart goes out to those who never get much sleep at night.

“His disciples replied, “Lord if he sleeps he will get better.” John 11:12

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8

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