The Pastor’s Wife

I’ve lived with one practically my entire life. I grew up the son of a pastor. So, I saw early on the value of a pastor’s wife. Enough to know that if I was going to live out my clear calling from God. I needed to marry a woman of great character and faith myself. Someone who didn’t just see pastoring as my calling, but our calling.

In many respects, my wife and I are total opposites. I don’t meet a stranger and she doesn’t like to bother one. I see things through a very narrow lens. She sees things with a much broader perspective. I live in a constant state of doing. She shows me how to live in a state of being. I tend to speak impulsively. She always thinks before she says a word.

All this to say we’re both very different, but certainly a team. There’s no doubt she is the greater link. She’s that part of ministry no one really sees her many sacrifices. Daily, quietly and willingly she supports me in every way humanly possible . Behind the scenes she gracefully walks beside me for better or worse. Even beyond my countless imperfections she loves me towards becoming a better man.

Honestly, I don’t know how any pastor makes it without the right wife. Both pastor’s wives I’ve lived with have been the biggest difference makers. Both inside and outside the home their impact is felt. They usually stabilize inside the home while the pastor’s mind is often on those outside their home. Their unconditional love makes the pastor on the outside a much better man on the inside.

Sadly, most pastor’s wives are way too overlooked. They give way more than is ever recognized or rewarded. They put up with way more than most could imagine. However, their impact on us daily contributes greatly towards our impact on others. This is why my heart celebrates my wife daily. For without a great pastor’s wife there would be very few effective pastors.

“Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her.” Proverbs 31:28

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